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How to measure the size of your custom printed candle dust cover?

I had my own candle manufacturing business in Australia for 10 years before selling and have been producing custom printed candle dust covers for more than seven years. This has provided ample experience to see where problems usually occur when ordering your candle dust cover.

One of the most common mistakes people make when ordering candle dust covers is choosing the wrong size.

This problem is most commonly caused by customers using the jar mouth diameter for the dust cover size.

The majority of candle glassware is wider at the mouth and a little narrower on the base resulting in a tiny taper in the glass. Depending on your wax fill height, the internal diameter varies the shallower you fill your candle.

This can result in the cover sticking in the jar while inserting and not even reaching the wax surface. Even more so if you have also selected a tab option on your custom candle dust cover.

Tip #1 - Test and re-test your template

When you receive a copy of the die line ( dust cover template ), I suggest printing out at 100% actual size, cut out and test for fit and advise any size adjustments required.

We provide die line templates to all customers. Contact me for a template now or a quotation by clicking here.

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