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Ordering or Quotation Process

The easiest way to place an order or ask for a specific quotation is to send a message through the contact form below. Answer as many of the questions in your email listed below to ensure a detailed priced quote and preparation of a die line. You can also send an email directly to

1. Customer details


City: required

Postcode: required

Country: required

2. Let me know what type of candle dust cover you are after.

a. regular printed candle dust cover - printed 1 side, printed 2 sides

b. my regular printed candle dust cover will have a  i. matt laminate finish ii. gloss laminate finish

c. foiled candle dust cover - colour is gold, silver, blue, red, green, black, rose gold, purple 

d. embossed candle dust cover

e. Kraft paper candle dust cover

f. waterproof candle dust cover

3. The circle diameter is ? Millimetres or Inches is okay.

4. My candle dust cover has a tab or no tab?

5. My candle dust cover needs how many wick holes? 1, 2 or 3? Or maybe a one special shape hole for my wood wick?


6. I would like to see quotes on the following quantities to compare. Minimum is 200 pieces and increases in 200's. eg. 200, 400, 1000 pieces

7. I can provide press ready artwork or I will need some help?

8 . Anything else you think I should know?

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Thanks for submitting!

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