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What paper can I order my custom candle dust covers?

Candle Dust Cover made from 300gsm paper + matt laminate
Candle Dust Cover made from 300gsm paper + matt laminate

Paper 300gsm + Matt Laminate

The most popular and economical candle dust cover paper is 300gsm card. Think decent quality business card thickness.

This can be printed one or both sides and have a choice of a matt or gloss laminate finish to both sides. Matt is by far the most popular. The matt laminate finish on both sides of the dust cover helps minimise any moisture absorption into your paper candle dust cover from candle fragrance 'sweat' while at the same time protecting the print finish.

Paper candle dust covers are die cut any custom shape or wick combination required.

KRAFT paper 300gsm

Following paper candle dust covers, the KRAFT paper candle dust cover is the next most popular. For that more natural or eco vibe and simple choice of colour, KRAFT candle dust covers can also have a hot foil finish for a special contrast.

YUPO waterproof

For some special locations that are very hot and humid, think Far North Queensland Australia or Florida USA, your candles are exposed daily to temperature shifts that can cause your candle to sweat excessively. YUPO is our 100% waterproof option that can also be printed on both sides. It is best described as a flexible plastic card material.

Do you have any questions about candle dust cover papers? Contact me now by clicking here.

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